Come and turn ideas into Technological Products!

The first idea accelerator specifically for residents, workers or students of the municipality of Valongo.

Throughout the project participants have contact with experts and mentors from partner companies, allowing them a complete experience of developing a product: from its conception, to the development and presentation to the market of their technological product with a SOCIAL END..

Participate in this ACCELERATOR  to create ONE SOLUTION that solves an everyday problem or promotes a improvement in the life quality of the Valongo community . At the end, the best technological solutions will be awarded.







With a monetary value of 1,500 euros




Demoday on June 17th 2021 at the 1st Edition of Switch to Innovation Summit Valongo


José Santos

It is a solution to remind users of things to do in the next days and help forgotten people. Remembers payments, grocery lists, doctor appointments, among other necessities!


José Francisco

This is a solution for people who urgently need mechatronic material and don’t know where to find them. It maps out the cheapest and fastest material available.


Joel Mota

The application has a game to learn gestures, opportunity to find or register interpreters, has a Portuguese Sign Language (LGP) dictionary, phrases translated into LGP and chat for the community to communicate.


Rafael Conceição

This solution shows several places where users can put their rubbish, arrange with specialized companies to pick up the rubbish at home for a fee and, finally, they also have access to DIY tips on what to do with recyclable materials.

My CarWash

João Dias

It is a solution that manages the establishments that clean vehicles, showing their quality, price and information about the establishment.

Be Free

Gonçalo Pinheiro

It is a solution that gathers information about extreme sports and places to practice them. It also allows contact with other users for the practice of radical activities always with company.

2nd Edition


Demoday 15th July 2020 at Dr. António Macedo Auditorium


Maria Alves

This app intends to give an answer to the problems related to cyber aggression, giving the opportunity to incorporate the subject in the school curriculum. Educators and psychologists are important agents in this fight and provide information to teenagers about the subject and its dynamics, deconstructing cyber (myths) and the possibility for teenagers who are/have been victims, aggressors and observers to ask for help/report, guaranteeing them an adequate/effective answer.

Baby Upload

Helena Reis e Marisa Dias

During the development of her Master’s thesis, Helena saw a need for sharing and mutual help between peers in the experience of pregnancy and, at the same time, the lack of reliable and trustworthy information when resorting to sharing spaces on the internet. Baby Upload was born due to the identified problem.
This, users may feel safe in the space where they are, sharing experiences with their peers.

O Ninho

Nádia Batista

Every year, in Portugal, 10 thousand animals are abandoned, which end up multiplying to 50 thousand, which are collected by associations every year. With The Nest (O Ninho) solution any user can signal an animal and trigger an immediate communication system with the FATs and FADs registered in the application, thus speeding up the process of collecting the animal from the street.


Vanessa Amaral e Fábio Lima

The application will enable users to exchange used children’s articles, without the use of money. Furthermore, by making exchanges possible, the articles will be put to a new use, towards the preservation of the environment and towards reuse and non-waste. Everyone who has children’s items that are no longer used and is interested in carrying out exchanges can take advantage of this application.

My Gallery

Ana Silva

In general, artists feel the lack of visibility of their work, which makes it impossible to sell and monetize it. My Gallery is a virtual gallery of Visual Arts, with a free exhibition of the works, making it unnecessary to rent the physical exhibition space. It puts artists and eventual buyers in direct contact, facilitating the process of acquisition of works of art.

We Study

Mikael Gonçalves

The app We Study was created with the objective of reducing school failure, allied to the power of technology with virtual teaching. It allows corresponding to the needs of the student and the tutor, through a greater support in the studies and stimulation of the students, as well as an easy and fast access in the interaction between both



Demoday at Expoval 2019

All for Pet

Ana Catarina de Sousa, Fábio Carneiro, Mariana Neto, Pedro Domingues e Sofia Dias

An app for the user to report their lost pet or to give notice of other lost pets they have found. This way, with the identification of the name, breed, age, weight, colour, presence/absence of a chip and the animal’s characteristics, it will be easier to connect the lost animal with its owners.


Sara Ferreira da Silva

An app that promotes civic intervention for everyone to report emerging problems in the municipality of Valongo. Any citizen can upload a photo, associate a description and location, sending it directly to the municipal entities responsible for its resolution.

Radio Zona Z

Armando Ribeiro, Filipe Lopes, João Silva, João Sousa e Rui Monteiro

A unique and free platform for community content – music podcasts, entertainment and information – always updated and with various themes ranging from comedy, to sport, to music.


Rui Loureiro

An app that allows consulting the menus of restaurants with the possibility of quick access to the menu through the location or the QR code of a restaurant. The application is easy to understand and visually simple. Managers can maintain their menus and the file upload can be done via app or website.