Dr. António Macedo Auditorium on 15th July at 7pm

It is ending the 2nd Edition of Transforma IT is approaching the day of the public presentation – PITCH – of the 6 technological solutions developed by young people from the municipality of Valongo: 15th July, 7 p.m. at the Dr. António Macedo Auditorium(Vallis Longus Shopping Centre) in Valongo. In a few months these young people have turned their ideas into an app that solves a social problem.
Come to the auditorium to get to know these solutions and those that will be awarded by the City Council of Valongo or follow us in LIVE.


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Technological solutions

Get to know the Finalist Technological Solutions of the 2nd Edition of IT Transformation

The Nest

Every year, 10.000 animals are abandoned in Portugal, and these numbers eventually rise to 50.000, which are collected by associations every year. The Nest is the solution because any user can signal an animal and trigger an immediate communication system with the FATs and FADs registered in the application, thus speeding up the process of collecting the animal from the street.

My Gallery

Artists in general feel a lack of visibility of their works, which makes it impossible to sell them and make their work profitable. My gallery is a virtual gallery of Visual Arts, with a free exhibition of the works, with no need to rent the physical exhibition space. It puts artists and eventual buyers in direct contact, facilitating the process of acquisition of Works of Art.

We Study

The app We Study was created with the objective of reducing school failure, allied to the power of technology with virtual teaching, allows to correspond to the needs of the student and the tutor, through greater support in the studies and stimulation of the students, as well as an easy and fast access in the interaction between both.


The Application will enable users to exchange used children’s articles, without the use of money. Furthermore, by making exchanges possible, the articles will be put to a new use, towards the preservation of the environment and towards reuse and non-waste. Anyone who has unused children’s items and is interested in trading them can use this application.

Baby Upload

During the development of my master’s thesis, I highlighted the need for sharing and mutual help among peers in the experience of pregnancy and, at the same time, the scarcity of reliable and trustworthy information when resorting to sharing spaces on the internet. In view of the problem identified, Baby Upload was born. In this way, users can feel safe in the space where they are, sharing experiences with their peers.


It aims to respond to the problems related to cyber aggression, giving the opportunity to integrate the subject in the school curriculum, with teachers and psychologists being important agents in this fight and providing information to teenagers about the subject and its dynamics, deconstructing cyber (myths) and the possibility for teenagers who are/have been victims, aggressors and observers to ask for help/whistleblowers, guaranteeing them an adequate/effective response.


Meet the Juries that will evaluate the Finalist Technological Solutions of the 2nd Edition of IT Transformation

Paulo Moreira

AB Consulting

Project Manager

Pedro Silva


Head of Digital Strategy Services

Roberto Rodrigues

Escola Secundária Filipa de Vilhena


Susana Castanheira

Área Metropolitana do Porto

Técnica Superior – Education and Social Innovation

Rui Pereira

Câmara Municipal de Valongo

Head of Division of Information Technologies and Multimedia