São Domingos de Benfica Digital Citizenship Center

The São Domingos de Benfica Digital Citizenship Center was inaugurated on October 21st 2016 as a result of the partnership between Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon City Council), Junta de Freguesia de São Domingos de Benfica (parish council) and CDI Portugal.
Its final session was in July 2017.


CDI Employability Community: The unemployed GIP members have created their creative cv’s, taken their professional photos with Pedro Sadio and created their LinkedIn accounts to boost their job search. Four successful stories!

CDI Young Entrepreneurs Community The youth of GIP submitted a participatory budget for waste food oils and created a campaign to tackle prejudice against the deaf community named “surdo também tem voz” (deaf people also have a voice).

AMEN: With website creation and digital marketing workshops.

Robotics Workshops in Centro Educativo Navarro Paiva (Navarro Paiva Educational Center): With professor Carlos Almeida.

PT Foundation: With “Comunicar em Segurança”.