What is RECODE?

A digital platform for courses with certification from large companies such as Microsoft and PMI
(Project Management Institute – Educational Foundation).

Now, with courses tailored to a Portuguese audience and FREE.

CDI Portugal is a Diploma
Center of Basic Skills in Information Technology, by the FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia).

Which courses are available?

Cloud Computing
  • Cloud computing has been growing in recent years, making it possible to access files and perform different tasks online, from accessing a spreadsheet to editing a video. Practically we no longer need to install applications to perform these tasks! In this course we will present different types of infrastructures and the operation of servers using the cloud. Come and get to know the cloud better!

    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.

  • The technology market is increasingly concerned with improving its practices and adapting to change. This combination leads us to the use of DevOps culture that aims to add more value to the business and increase its responsiveness to change through the delivery of fast and high quality services. In this course you will learn this modern software development methodology and how it is integrated between different areas, as well as the concepts and tools of DevOps.

    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.

  •  Have you heard of exponential technologies? Biotechnology is an emerging scientific area that allows the interaction between biology and technology. In this course you will learn about the technologies that use biological systems, living organisms, as well as the production of biotechnological goods and products beneficial to the planet. The impact of this technology on nature and human life is another point covered in the course. Come and discover the possibilities of biotechnology!

    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.

  • Have you ever wondered: What is the difference between social networks and social media? Which is the best network to promote my work? How do I evaluate my results? Social media is increasingly becoming an important source of information and a means of work. In this course you will develop planning skills, learn how to use resources and tools and how to use social media safely and effectively to promote your activities, business and projects! Do you accept the challenge?

    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.

  • In 20h you will learn how you can promote your business or product to your target audience, you will learn about the different digital marketing tools and how to use them to improve your marketing strategy!

    Certified by CDI Portugal, RECODE.

  • Did you know that you can work collaboratively online with your work or school colleagues? Come and explore and get to know Microsoft Teams and its resources to speed up communication as a team or individually, through video conferences or file sharing. If you need a storage service or want to know how to store your files safely come and see Microsoft OneDrive.

    Certified by CDI Portugal, RECODE and Microsoft.

  • If you have ever stopped to reflect on what emotions, feelings, thoughts or behaviours are. Come and learn more about the subject and draw up a development plan to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence (Social-Emotional Competence).

    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.

  • For those who are looking for a job and need support in building their CV. Come to know tools of self-knowledge and perception to look for the best opportunities, as well as the best tips for building a resume and how to face the selection process.

    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) breaks the barrier between the real and the virtual, becoming an interactive experience with the real world. In 6 hours, you will learn more about this technology and discover how it works and its social implications.

    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.

  • This is how Stanford University called the “Perfect Empathy Machine”, because the new audiovisual technologies create new possibilities for us to see the world and people. And now, in 6 hours, you can take the new VIRTUAL REALITY course on the e-learning platform RECODE, to learn the basics of cinema and understand the relationship between the birth of the Seventh Art and the birth of Virtual Reality. Free course! All you need to do is register.

    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.

  • If you have ever thought, “technology will take my job!”, this course may be the answer to your questions. Here, you are going to get a better understanding of this Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) that very much resembles human intelligence. The big difference? Come find out about it in this course, in 8 hours.

    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.

  • In this course, in 40 hours, you will learn the logic of programming and how it works. It is the basic theme of logical thinking and it is essential for a developer. You are also going to learn the importance of understanding what an algorithm is, what programming language is and put it into practice with the App Inventor.
    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.
  • In 12 hours, you will learn the core features of Powerpoint, from software access to creating and editing graphical presentations.
    Certified by CDI Portugal, RECODE and Microsoft.
  • In 8 hours, you will find out about the Excel software, which is widely used to help people analyse organized data in a systemic manner. Here, you will learn the basic features – formatting spreadsheets and functions.
    Certified by CDI Portugal, RECODE and Microsoft.
  • It is essential to know the key-features of the Windows operating system. In 20 hours, you will learn about the main settings of the Internet, which will facilitate your browsing and online interaction.
    Certified by CDI Portugal, RECODE and Windows.
  • In 8 hours, you will learn how we can CONNECT with the most diverse devices on the Internet, as well as the benefits and precautions about this technology. Get to know the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it is transforming our lives.
    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.
  • In this 6-hour course you will learn the different types and names of the major exponential technologies! Many of them are already very close to us, such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Artificial Intelligence. And of course, we will also learn their value and their impact on society.
    Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.
  • To learn how to contact the SNS24 line, the Direct Social Security (Segurança Social Direta), online bank, and to learn about video-call platforms, email, and useful information research. 20 hours for the first part and 10 hours for the second part. Certified by CDI Portugal and RECODE.
  • Microsoft Word is widely used to create and format texts and documents. In 8 hours, you will learn to identify the basic features and functionalities. Certified by Microsoft.
  • In this course, you will learn, in a simple and practical way, how to use the Internet safely and consciously. You will be able to identify cyber-risk situations and know the best practices to be applied. Certified by RECODE and CDI Portugal.
  • Here, you can discover the potential of the Internet and Social Networks, in order to broaden your horizons of study, work, entrepreneurship and citizenship. Certified by Microsoft.
  • Learn how project management and computational thinking can be used to develop digital solution ideas for social challenges. Certified by PMIEF.
  • This course starts with a self-knowledge module, helping you to map your strengths and connect to your professional skills.
  • The second module is about the labour market, it shows market trends and has practical tips and activities on finding opportunities, the curriculum and the selection process. The last module explores the world of entrepreneurship. Certified by Microsoft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What is Recode Platform?

It’s a digital e-learning platform, free of charge, that offers several courses in the technology field with the certification of CDI Portugal, Recode and big companies such as Microsoft and PMI (Project Management Institute – Educational Foundation).

2. Do I need to install the platform to take the courses?

No. Recode it’s an online platform, with no need to install a software or program. You only need a browser to acess the platform through the following link: https://sga.recode.org.br/loginpt.html


1. How do I register on the platform?

• First you need to access the platform: RECODE Portugal
• Next click the botton: “Quero Registar-me”.
• Confirm on the upper right corner that the idiom is in “Português – Portugal”.
• Fill out all the fields with your data.
• And you are ready to start your courses!

2. Do the courses have a minimum age requirement to attend?

If you wish to register and are a minor (<17), you will be asked for additional data from your legal guardian.

3. Is it mandatory to answer all the fields in the registration?

Most of the fields are mandatory, being necessary to fill them to proceed with the registration. All data are processed in an appropriate manner for the purposes of participation in activities/projects, dissemination of information about the organization and possible requests for services. All the provisions of the new General Data Protection Regulation will be respected (RGPD).
Since the platform is part of the Switch to Innovation program and this is being funded by Portugal 2020, in cases of audit of public funds we need to present them as proof of registration of the participants and for impact reports.

4. Where can I Login?

• First you need to access the platform: RECODE Portugal
• Confirm on the upper right corner that the idiom is in “Português – Portugal”.
• Place your e-mail and password
• Press entrer.
• And you are ready to start the courses!

5. I don't have the document Cartão de Cidadão, I'm I still able to register?

Yes, in the Documentação field, choose the option that best suits your situation and enter the associated number.

6. I'm not from Portugal, can I register on the platform?

Yes, when you are registering, select your Country and in the Distrito e Concelho field enter your city/state/province.

7. I have already resgistered on the platform, but when I log in it says I'm not registered or my e-mail and password are incorret. What can I do?

First check if your e-mail and/or password are correct, if you continue to receive the error message, please send an e-mail with your registration data (full name and e-mail) and a print screen of the error to the following contact: geral@cdi.org.pt

8. I would like to delete my account. Is there na option in my profile to do so?

No, if you wish to delete your registration, you will have to make the request to the following e-mail: geral@cdi.org.pt, indicating your full name and e-mail.

9. I can't remember my password. How can I get a new one?

You can request a password reset through the ‘Esqueceu a senha?’ button available in the platform access area. All the necessary instructions will be sent by email.
Note: If you have not received an email, please check your Spam folder.

In the Login Area:
– Press the button: “Esqueceu a senha?”
– Enter your email address.
– Press the button: “ENVIAR”


1. When do the courses start?

There is no date set for the beginning or end of the courses. So you are being able to carry them out depending on your availability.

2. What are the courses schedule?

There is no date set for the beginning or end of the courses. So you are being able to carry them out depending on your availability.

3. Is there going to be an after hours course?

The courses do not have a schedule, so they can be held depending on your availability.

4. Are the courses 100% online?

Yes, being an e-learning platform, it’s necessary to use it for the courses. If you are a teacher or a trainer, you can use the platform as a mean to support your classes/sessions.

5. Do the courses have limited openings?

There are no limited openings for the courses.

6. Do I need prior training to take the courses?

There is no prior training required to take the courses.

7. Do I have to pay to get the certificate?

To obtain the certificate you need to complete all the courses modules. After finishing the course the certificate will be generated automatically. You can then save it in a PDF format on your computer, at no cost.

8. Are the courses free?

Yes, all courses are free.

9. Will there be more advanced courses?

Yes. It’s being studied the possability of including courses with more advanced levels, so a more complete training is available.

10. Who can take the courses?

Anyone interested in the courses can take them.

11. Can I take multiple courses at the same time?

Yes, you can take multiple courses at the same time, and on the student page you can see your progress.