The projects of the Valongo CCD


You to Innovation
february 2021 – march 2021

You to Innovation aims the use of digital influence by young people to transform and positively impact the community, while opening new perspectives of employability as videomakers, through the exploration of digital platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. This activity started online, using the microsoft teams platform, and in April the sessions moved to a presencial format in the Digital Citizenship Center of Valongo.

Educational Projects with App Inventor
march 2021 – april 2021

Educator training on App Inventor – a multifaceted tool that allows the teaching of basic programming concepts and the development of mobile applications in a simple way. This training session objective to train teachers to use this educational tool with their students in a project context. For this training course 3 classes were created and the sessions were held online, using the Zoom and Microsoft Team platforms.

Modelling e 3D Priting 
january 2021 – march 2021

Introductory training, for the use of various tools and techniques of 3D modeling, with the purpose of creating simple 3D models in different applications; and to know the applicability of modeling and 3D printing in educational projects; The training sessions were conducted online, using the Google meet platform, Moodle and Youtube.

Collaborative Projects witch TIC
january 2021 – march 2021

Teacher training for training in different technological tools to integrate ICT in their educational practices, with the objectives of promoting the use of active and participative methodologies in the teaching and learning process; sharing experiences/resources/knowledge within the educational community; to promote the production, use and evaluation of digital educational resources that enhance the construction of knowledge; and to develop projects/activities that enhance the use of ICT and robots in inter-disciplinary contexts. The training sessions were conducted online, using the Google meet platform and Moodle.

Workshop | Summer Camp –  Tok’A mexer
july 2021 – august 2021

In collaboration with Valongo City Hall, during the months of July and August, 7 workshops were dynamised with children and young people from Holiday Camp – TOK’A MEXER. The activities carried out allow the exploration of digital tools and equipment, in a playful and fun way, allowing children to interact and experiment. For the promotion of these workshops, we counted on several collaborators, including the Portuguese e-sports agency The Agency Clan; the presence of a student from the Ermesinde Schools Grouping and 4 participants from projects developed at CCDV- Transform TI 2nd and 3rd Edition and You to Innovation 1st Edition.

Workshop | Kotlin Multiplatform and the Future in Mobile
june 2021 

Activity held in collaboration with Bliss Applications that addressed the following topics:

  • The present and future of cross-platform mobile platforms;
  • The concept of Kotlin (KMM)and its specificities;
  • How to work on a KMM project.

The session was streamed online, using the streamyard platform and transmitted live to Youtube and Facebook of CDI Portugal.

Workshop | DecoJovem
june 2021 

This activity intended to promote digital media literacy and inspire  school-age youths to access the Internet safely, promoting more informed and aware active online experiences. The sessions took place online, through the Zoom and hopin platform, and the following topics were addressed: safety, privacy and respect.

Workshop | Chatting with Paulo Rocha
february 2021 

Activity carried out in collaboration with the entrepreneur and Youtuber from the municipality of Valongo,Paulo Rocha. The conversation aimed at sharing his work experience as a youtuber, approaching the essential pillars to succeed in this area, as well as the evolution of the Social Network Youtube in Portugal. This activity also allowed the sharing and dissemination of the new project of the Digital Citizenship Centrer of Valongo- You to Innovation. The conversation took place online, using the Zoom platform and was broadcast live to Youtube and Facebook of CDI Portugal.

Workshop | Digital Literacy – Live Sessions
april 2021 – may 2021 

The Digital Literacy activity is a cycle of Workshops with several themes of introduction to technologies, with the aim of diversifying people’s knowledge in these areas, enabling them to use online platforms and public services. The sessions of this activity were carried out in a presencial format, at the Alfena Social and Parish Center.

Workshop | Digital Literacy – Sessões Online
february 2021 – march 2021 

The Digital Literacy activity is a cycle of Workshops with various themes of introduction to technologies, with the aim of diversifying people’s knowledge in these areas, enabling them to use online platforms and public services. The sessions of this activity were carried out in an online format, using the Zoom platform.

Workshop | SIGRHE Job Seekers Training
february 2021 – march 2021 

Promoted by the CDLS 4G Valer team (Ermesinde Social Center), there have been carried out, at the Digital Citizenship Center of Valongo, training sessions for job search, with the purpose of empowering the participants in the realization of an application to a public contest, focusing on the exploration of the “Public Employment Exchange” website, as well as the individual registration on the SIGRHE platform, mandatory in the realization of this type of concourse procedure.


Workshop | Live & Safe Net
december 2020 

The activity aimed to promote digital media literacy and encourage young people of school age to access the Internet safely, promoting more informed and conscious active online experiences. The sessions took place online, through the Zoom and Hopin platform, and the following topics were addressed: safety, privacy and respect.

Workshop | Virtual Reality
october 2020 

Workshop held during the European Week of Local Democracy in Valongo. Addressed the best practices for creating an online event in AltSpaceVR, the event environment, the event configuration and structure, the integration of videos, presentations and other multimedia resources. It also addressed the dynamics of the AltSpaceVR application, the interaction between users during events and ethics in online events. This workshop was held online, using the Zoom platform and broadcast live on Youtube of CDI Portugal.

CDI Senior Community  | Rio Ferreira
october to december 2020

The creation of an interactive E-Book on the Rio Ferreira, the Ferreira Bridge and the Battle of Ferreira Brifge – which were at the origin  emergence of the Valongo Municipality – to raise awareness of the population to the history and importance of this resource and consequently, promote a change of habits.

Digital Lab
august 2020

In collaboration with the Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People of Valongo and the Association Ermesinde Open City, the Center for Digital Citizenship of Valongo developed a short-term training for young people with difficulties in distance learning.

Valongo Regional Meeting | 6th Edition Apps for Good

Valongo received for the third time the 6th Edition of the Apps for Good Regional Meeting, this year held in a hybrid format: with the construction of a virtual scenario in the Cultural Forum of Ermesinde and with teachers, students and jury online through the Hopin platform.

Webinar: Using technologies in learning labs: Experiences and good practices.

In order to awaken the interest and motivation of teachers to adopt differentiated and motivating pedagogical practices using technology, a short duration action was developed, divided into two sessions, in Webinar format.

CDI Community Radio Zona Z
april to june

 One of the teams from the 1st Edition of Transforma TI participated in this project with the construction of a website for the Community Radio, Radio Zona Z. All the sessions were carried out in online format with the collaboration of a trainer specialized in Wordpress. 


2nd Edition of Transforma TI
january to july

 Transforma IT is an accelerator that transforms ideas with a social purpose presented by young people from the municipality of Valongo, into technological solutions. The final product will help to solve day-to-day issues or will promote the improvement of the quality of life of the community. 

Internet no dia a dia
january to may

 Activity developed to enhance the use of basic internet tools. During the period of confinement, this activity was adapted to the online format and proved to be essential to convey knowledge regarding services or goods that this population could acquire online.

CDI Employment Community
january to march 2020

 The CDI Employability Community aimed to help working-age adults to create a network of contacts, develop a creative CV and improve their communication skills in order to keep up with the changing job market. 

Hacking the Future
january to february 2020 

Face-to-face course using the digital platform RECODE. The aim of this course is to map the individual’s strengths, connect these strengths to professional skills, focus on the world of work and present market trends with tips and practical activities on finding opportunities, CV and the selection process.

Senior Community
december 2019 to december 2020

One of the goals of delivering the CDI Senior Community is to make available to this population of the municipality of Valongo an opportunity to learn, to promote new skills and to mitigate loneliness and social isolation.

Digital Literacy
december 2019 to february 2020

Activity streamlined in conjunction with the IEFP of Valongo with the aim of developing basic digital skills.


Outreach Sessions
october to december

 The Outreach Sessions at the IEFP in Valongo served to promote, publicise and encourage the participation of young people and adults in the activities of the Valongo Digital Citizenship Center. 

TOK’A MEXER Holiday Camp
june to august 

 In collaboration with Valongo City Council, 10 sessions on ICT, Citizenship and Communicating Safely were streamlined, stimulating problem solving and teamwork in the youngest. Some of these sessions were given by members of the CDI Adult Community.

Robotics Workshop
june to august 

Group of youngsters applied the first concepts of electronics, robotics and programming, by assembling electronic circuits, programming microcontrollers and exploring sensors, also developing personal skills.

Transforma TI 1st Edition
april to june

The first accelerator in Valongo, promoted by Valongo City Hall, specific for residents or students of the municipality, who have ideas that improve people’s lives and want to create technological solutions in three months.

RECODE – E-Learning and B-Learning Digital Plataform
march to june

Pilot project that made three online courses available – (1) Project Management and Impact Applications, (2) Introduction to the Digital World and (3) Hacking the Future – to the community of Valongo.

NetTalks – Deco 

NETalk – Net Live and Safe: Sail on Good Tides! – was the motto of the conference organised by DECO Jovem and Google Portugal, with the support of the Municipality of Valongo and CCDValongo at Fórum Cultural de Ermesinde. The auditorium was full of young people reflecting and sharing experiences on the themes of the digital world.

Consumer Talks – Brain Ideas – DECO

A session to raise awareness among young people about the use of the Internet was held at Alfena Secondary School, in collaboration with DECO and integrated in the week of Online Security and Privacy.


CDI Training for Trainers

Training for Trainers of the CDI methodology – Paulo Freire’s methodology, where people appropriate technology and use it to solve problems in the community in which they live – to two people who participated in CDI Comunidade Empregabilidade and Jovens Empreendedores.

CDI Community Adults 2nd Edition
november’18 to july’19

The adults’ group continued its awareness-raising campaign on maintaining the cleanliness of public spaces, this time with younger people in a school context.

CDI Senior Community 2nd Edition
november’18 to may’19

Considering the enthusiasm of the group for the theme and the relevance of the project, they decided to continue the work related to stimulating the Ermesinde Municipal Market through the website that had been created.

CDI Community Young 2nd Edition
november’18 to april’19

 The group of young people continued with the project started in the 1st Edition, mobilising a group of other young NEETs to build the website that would link them to the various entities and companies in the municipality, for the sharing of experience and vocational support.

Digital Marketing Workshop

Open to the whole community, this workshop provided an opportunity to understand the impact of the internet on marketing, to learn about the main concepts and tools, and to select the most suitable online social networks for promoting one’s own business.

CDI Adult Community
august to october

2nd edition of the CDI Comunidade Adults program, which focuses on acquiring skills to help people create their own jobs.

App in a Day
july to september

Four young people were referred by CPCJ Valongo during the school holidays to create a prototype of an app. They stimulated teamwork, problem solving and communication skills.

CDI Young Community

In partnership with IEFP, a group of young people put their skills at the service of the community, being at the forefront of an initiative for young Portuguese NEETs, in the creation of a website linking these young people and business entities.

Trainning for Tecnicians – Communicating Safely

A training session was held for technicians of the municipality’s entities to dynamise sessions of the Communicating Safely programme in the entities in which they work.

Communicating Safely – ALTICE Foundation
may to june

Volunteer programme for the educational community to raise awareness on the correct and safe use of Information and Communication Technologies. Carried out with 8th grade students from the Fijós Basic School and two classes from the ADICE insertion community.

Workshop IRS and Portal das Finanças

Workshop organised by the students of the Computer Systems Management and Programming class with the economist Conceição Cartageno, with the objective of informing and clarifying the processes of online submission of the IRS and the use of the Finance Portal.

CDI Employability Community

 A group of unemployed adults decided to become autonomous in their active job search by creating creative CVs, personal pitch, digital business card and LinkedIn profile.

CDI Community Senior 1st Edition
march to september

Through an awareness-raising campaign in conjunction with municipal services, pet owners were given access to an interactive map to monitor the state of street cleanliness, with the aim of improving street hygiene and preventing disease.

CDI Senior Community 1st Edition
march to august

A group of seniors decided to revitalise the Ermesinde Municipal Market. They created a website to publicise the Market and posters to publicise it among the population, thus improving the quality of life of shopkeepers and citizens.

Inauguration of the Digital Citizenship Center Valongo

Officially opened in April 2018, with the presence of the Minister of Education, Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, and the Mayor of Valongo, José Manuel Ribeiro.The 80 people present developed activities related to the municipality of Valongo and also got to know some solutions from the Apps for Good student teams.