What is it?

Apps for Good is a technological educational program that encourages students from 5th to 12th grade and teachers from all disciplinary areas to develop applications for smartphones or tablets that solve social problems, highlighting the transformative potential of technology in the world and communities. Through Apps for Good project methodology, based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, this program provides students a complete experience of the product development cycle, culminating in a regional and national competition.

Apps for Good aims to create a new generation of “digital makers” and “problem-solvers” who are not just consumers of technology but also creators. We work on transforming education and empowering confident and collaborative young individuals, ready to act in the world. With an innovative teaching approach, we invite schools to adopt motivating and active learning environments, with students solving everyday problems and teachers acting as facilitators, connecting them to experts for real-world experiences.

Apps for Good is part of an international network and was founded in 2010 by Iris Lapinski in London. In 2015, it was implemented in Portugal through a partnership between the Directorate-General for Education and CDI Portugal.


Apps for Good Registration
Accredited Training for Teachers

From all areas

Application of a platform course

Option for curricular or extracurricular integration

Choose a theme

In teams, students choose a theme and create their digital product that addresses the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Expert Support

Experts who volunteer their time and, based on their professional experience, help students in different stages of their solution




  • “When I entered this program, I had no idea of the transformative impact it would have on my life and the lives of others. From the beginning, I was inspired to identify a problem in my community and find a solution through technology. With the guidance and support of my teachers and peers, I immersed myself in a process of creation and learning like never before.”

  • “The opportunity and the entire experience of participating in Apps for Good are something inexplicable. A strong bond is created between colleagues and teachers, even considering all the ups and downs of the preparation process for the competition.

    Beyond all of this, Apps for Good brings us, in a subtle way, a sense of competition, but still, a sense of mutual aid.”

  • “The Apps for Good program develops in students communication, creativity, mutual assistance, autonomy, problem-solving, interest, and motivation for the subjects involved and consequently for school. I really enjoyed participating with my students; it was a very interesting experience for them and for me.”

  • “My experience is positive, especially regarding sensitizing students to social and climate issues emerging today, allowing them to develop a set of important skills for their academic and social journey.”

  • “Because it is a larger and more ambitious project than we usually undertake at school, and it is very good for us since we will take care of a project, work in a team. And, mainly, start developing skills for the future; Apps for Good will be incredible for that.”

  • “I feel that the school is static and with a curriculum frozen in time. The methodological part should be more adapted to current needs. Being able to provide a type of experience for students that helps them broaden their horizons. The locality where the school is located is very small and I want students to be able to see and explore what is beyond this region, to provide contact with another reality, with other people, with other contexts”

  • “(…) an opportunity to leave the ‘cradle’ that is the school because next year we start working with different skills, and Apps for Good is a great help.”


App Start Up

The goal of App Start Up is to create opportunities for contact between teams of students who have already participated in the Apps for Good program and incubators, investors, and companies so that they gain conditions—whether it be mentoring, training, or financial support—to professionally develop their solution!