10 Years CDI

We have been transforming lives through technology in Portugal for 10 years!
For 10 years, we have touched the hearts of over 145,000 people.
We can’t tell all the stories of impact but at least, we’ll share two handful with you!
On the 10th of each month, at 10am, we will launch a series in audio format, to hear and listen how lives have been transformed by technology. Fiquem atentos aqui e no Youtube, Spotify, e nas nossas redes sociais: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

EPISODE #9 | With Matilde Buisel and Iris Lapinski

Matilde Buisel is the manager of the Apps for Good Programme in Portugal, winner of the UNESCO Prize for contributing to improving the performance and effectiveness of Teachers for quality education for all. And it was the first time that Portugal received this award. In this episode we talk about how Apps for Good is applied in Portugal and how students who are consumers of technology are transformed into creators of that same technology, with a purpose!

Right after, we talk to the Founder of Apps for Good and about the main global challenges related to Education and how Apps for Good continues to make so much sense to be applied in various educational contexts.

1 Episode at 10th of each month!

10 years beating Hearts!

December 10
Sunday | 10h

Episode #1 | Carlos Pinto

10 January
Tuesday | 10h

We returned to the Social Center of Musgueira where the CDI Community took place in 2014. We spoke with Carlos Pinto, one of the participants and recalled the social problem they identified at the time and how they solved it with the help of technology.


Episode #2 | Rui Matias

10 March
Friday | 10h

“What do you want to have for dinner?” This was the question that Rui Matias’ mother so often asked. And so many other parents did. So, tired of this same question, Rui and his team that participated in Apps for Good in 2015/2016, decided to create Cook Wizard. They didn’t know anything about technology but created a prototype to solve this problem. From there until they presented their idea at the 1st Edition of Websummit in Lisbon, it was a leap and something unexpected! Listen!


Episode #3 | with Carolina Castro e Joana Vaz

10 April
Monday | 10h

What happens when two girls dress up as Fernando Pessoa and take the stage? And what happens when two girls think about pursuing medicine but, after all, go into engineering? It is about the participation of Joana Vaz and Carolina Castro in the 4th Edition of Apps for Good that we will be talking, at the time students of the Quinta do Marquês Secondary School in Oeiras and what happened until then. Let’s tune in?


Episode #4 | com Bruno Dylan

10 May
Monday | 10h

“Beach is a space of sand.” But let’s go back to the time when the beaches had traffic lights. Sandspace was a technological solution developed under Apps for Good and created by a team of students from the Serafim Leite School (São João da Madeira) at the time of the pandemic. The impact on society was visible and extraordinary. Let’s remember with Bruno Dylan what happened at the time.


Episode #5 | with Joana Sousa, Rúben Rodrigues and Filipa Magalhães

10 June
Satuday | 10h

They participated in the 5th Edition of Apps for Good (2018/2019) and presented a technological solution called Only Heal, at the time, with the Levante da Maia School. They received an Award but were not called to the stage! Let’s reminisce about a few moments and see how the Apps for Good program helped them in their decision-making power and academic choices!


Episode #6 | with Marco Neves

10 July
Monday | 10h

A conversation in a school environment, accompanied with the most traditional icons of this space – the touches of exit and entry. Are they still necessary? Well, we spoke lightly. But we talked above all about the importance of the teacher’s role in students’ lives and how important the balance between knowledge and skills is. This conversation was with Professor Marco Neves of the Batalha School Group, one of the first teachers to apply Apps for Good in its educational context and we will understand what happened from there.


Episode #7 | with Emerência Teixeira

10 August
Thursday | 10h

She has been a teacher for almost 20 years. And he continues to want to transform the places he passes. And why not, do it in a Prison with Apps for Good? Let’s listen to the story of Professor Emerência and “the greatest challenge between hands” that she embraced together with her reclusive students.


Episode #8 | with Cláudia Lima, Joel Mota e João Barroso

10 September
Sunday | 10h

It feels like we’re all physically around the same table but we’re not! We haven’t previously combined anything but it’s amazing how the dots in the story intersect, how they add up, how they evolve. And to understand the impact that technology can bring to each of these lives.

It is worth listening and knowing the various projects of the Center for Digital Citizenship (CCD) by the voice of Cláudia Lima, Project Manager and with the voices of Joel Mota and João Barroso who participated in the project Transforma TI of CCD (just one of several projects!).