Center of Digital Inclusion

Social and Digital Innovation and Inclusion NGO

CDI arrived in Portugal in May 2013 with the aim of further transforming lives through technology. We believe in the benefits that technology can bring to people as a means and not an end.

Our goal is to address social and digital inclusion and innovation. Our projects promote digital literacy, the exercise of citizenship so that citizens use technologies to solve problems and challenges in their community and in the world.

Apps for Good

A technological education program that challenges students and teachers to develop applications for smartphones or tablets, displaying the potential of technology in the transformation of the world and their communities.

Registration for the 8th Edition in Portugal is now open.

The Digital Citizenship Center (CCD) is the outcome of a new concept of smart cities in which technologies are used to improve the neighbourhoods. BUT it is the citizens themselves who make use of them. It’s a collaborative space for providing digital tools that allow a participatory democracy and an intelligent and human city. It’s a collaborative space that tries to develop a relationship between the commune | municipality and the citizens, listening and understanding their priorities.

CDI Portugal started the CCD in Marvila (2015-16), then in São Domingos de Benfica (2016-17) and is currently in Valongo. . Since April 2020, the 3rd Edition of the Valongo Digital Citizenship Center has officially integrated the Switch to Innovation project – outcome of the application carried out to Portugal Social Innovation by CDI Portugal and the City Council of Valongo.

It’s very rewarding to have access to this type of training that allows us to enhance our involvement as citizens and our knowledge at various levels. Trainee from the CDI Community project.

Graduating from the project CDI Community

The important thing would be to follow up on what started this year, to follow up on the knowledge that has been acquired. Trainee from the CDI Community project.

Forming CDI Community

CDI Community

CDI’s best-known and traditional line of intervention at a global level. A social project in which young people, seniors or adults work together to design, plan and implement a project to solve a community problem.

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